of domain names, website references and network addresses that allow identifying websites containing information dissemination of which is violating copyright and (or) related rights

Federal Law № 149-FZ dated July 27, 2006

"On Information, Information Technologies, and Information Protection" (PDF)

The functioning of Informational system of interaction (PDF)

Application form for copyright owner (PDF)

Notification form on violation of copyright and (or) related rights (PDF)

Procedure of digital signature retrieving (PDF)

List of accredited certification centers of Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian (URL)

Using the following form you can get the information about the measures on restricting the access to the Internet sites distributing the objects of copyright and related rights (except photographic works and works obtained by processes similar to photography) and the information required to get the access to these objects through the telecom networks without permission of copyright holder or without any other legal grounds.

You can read the texts of judicial acts on copyright and (or) related rights protection on the Moscow City Court website (RUS).


Examples: (for ip address) (for domain name) (for URL address)

Protection code:

protection code
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